Wednesday, September 10, 2008

911 IN Honor of America. A FREEBIE in honor

I normally do not do this but this freebie is just for personal use . No commercial use please just enjoy it and honor 9/11. Maybe you can use it to decorate a page in honor of someone who is serving this country or someone who gave their life because of 9/11. Every year I am deeply saddened by 9/11. When the day rolls around I never ever forget how I felt the morning I turned the tv on and watched a plane flying into the twin towers and then to hear it was a terrorist attack. Nothing in my entire life has ever made me feel the way I did that moment and I doubt nothing will ever come close or compare to that again. I remember watching the country come together. People became nicer for a moment in time. People didn't complain as much when they were in long lines. They did not beep as much on the freeway and they were using words like please and thank you again. People went back to church and starting their creator again. People started realizing that life is short and we do not have a spare in the trunk. Unfortunately things went back to the way they were before 9/11. People forgot how it felt that fateful day. They forgot how it impacted their life and the life of those they loved. We have gone back to being in a hurry, cynical and rude. I hope we all take a moment to reflect back this year and turn our eyes back to what is important in this life.. I REALLY hope and pray that we can do that as a country in fact that the world could do that. This was not just about America is about the is happening in this world. We just never seen it hit so close to home.

Please enjoy this and know my heart and prayers go out to the families of those directly impacted in some way by 911!



Inspire someone to find Gods peace today and life in it!

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