Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NEW CU Freebie. Christmas Borders

Here are some FUN New whimsical borders that I hope you enjoy. Feel free to recolor and resize them. They are quite large. Please leave some love

I found this wonderful Christmastime poem to share



The Real Meaning of ChristmasA Christmas Poem

by Joseph P. Martino Copyright© 2003
Two thousand years ago the King of Kings was born.

'The Lamb of God' later made to feel the thorn,

If his words are accepted and not scorned,

They will make us all reborn.Though God's grace,

Joseph and Mary presented

A gift to the world that day, which we can all repay,

by living the ten commandments each and every day.

Try to remember and keep

in your heart and mindJesus's gospel

while here on Earth, Redemption not a life lived in constant mirth.

Peace on Earth, good will toward man

Everyone should try it, whenever they can.

The Lord gave us the option and choice of 'free will,'Now it's up to us to fit the bill.

So when you’re Christmas shopping for family and friends,

and money is tight at both ends,

Remember that the greatest gift of all,

Is your love of Jesus in the manger stall.

Friday, November 28, 2008

NEW CU Shabby Paper Doodles

YAY another CU Freebie. Some doodles. Hope you can use them. Please recolor and make them your own. They are very pretty recolored or whatever you would like. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those in the USA. I am sure thankful this year that my husband was with us. BEST day ever.. Leave some love


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Sunday, November 16, 2008

NEW CU freebie.. Christmas paper ornaments

Finally a new FREEBIE. So sorry that it has been so long. Lets see I was in the hospital with pneumonia and asthma so that took me out for a couple of weeks it feels like. Any nurses, doctors or sick people know when you are on antibiotics so long they kill your good bacteria and it caused other problems UGH.. Well it's ok I am great now and feeling better everyday.. Is everyone looking forward to Christmas. I sure am the first time in 4 years my husband will be us yay.. Praise God. I love this poem to get into the Christmas spirit.. Hugs to everyone. Please leave some love. My favorite part of doing freebies hehe..
"Twas The Night Before Jesus Came"
written by Audrey Patricia Woolverton

'Twas the night before Jesus came and all through the house
Not a creature was praying, not one in the house.
Their Bibles were lain on the shelf without care
In hopes that Jesus would not come there.
The children were dressing to crawl into bed.
Not once ever kneeling or bowing a head.
And Mom in her rocker with baby on her lap
Was watching the Late Show while I took a nap.
When out of the East there arose such a clatter.
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash!
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But angels proclaiming that Jesus was here.
With a light like the sun sending forth a bright ray
I knew in a moment this must be THE DAY!
The light of His face made me cover my head
It was Jesus! returning just like He had said.
And though I possessed worldly wisdom and wealth,
I cried when I saw Him in spite of myself.
In the Book of Life which He held in His hand
Was written the name of every saved man.
He spoke not a word as He searched for my name;
When He said "it's not here" my head hung in shame.
The people whose names had been written with love
He gathered to take to His Father above.
With those who were ready He rose without a sound.
While all the rest were left standing around.
I fell to my knees, but it was too late;
I had waited too long and thus sealed my fate.
I stood and I cried as they rose out of sight;
Oh, if only I had been ready tonight.
In the words of this poem the meaning is clear;
The coming of Jesus is drawing near.
There's only one life and when comes the last callWe'll find that the Bible was true after all!

Inspire health today!!



Sunday, November 2, 2008

NEW Blog Train WINTERBERRY Add-On Freebie

Here is a GREAT add on to the WINTERBERRY Collab at Pretty Scrappy this month. I think you will love the great elements to this add on. My add on is Commercial/SFH Use Friendly and I hope that you go and check out the whole COLLAB KIt.

Winter brings us crisp winds and snowflakes tickling our noses... now it also brings us Winterberry... a jewel-toned collab from the Pretty Scrappy designers. Guaranteed to bring that winter flair to your pages. This Kit Includes 73 Papers and 86 Elements Elements Include: 7 Brads 1 Bottle Cap 3 Buttons (1 Recolored) 1 Embellished Stick Pin 1 Holly 2 Birds 1 Snow

Border 1 Tree 4 Snowmen (3 Recolored) 1 Snowman Border 1 Flower 1 Keychain 1 Tabbed Book 1 Tag 1 Star Border 1 Candy Cane Element 2 Stars (1 Recolored) 2 Hanging Fasteners 2 Cards 1 Ornament 2 Envelopes (1 Recolored) 2 Bookplates 4 Snowflake Coins 11 Snowflakes 10 Frames 5 Tied Ribbons 5 Bows 11 Ribbons

NOW As for my addition to the kit. Here is my add on. Hope you enjoy it.

Please leave some love and do not forget to visit the rest of the blog train.. Blessings


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Sunday, October 26, 2008

GOOD Sunday Morning. New CU Designer Use Freebie

Good Sunday Morning. This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! ... Hope everyone is having a wonderful Day. I am going to start to clean up my computer for the new year. Here are some sill little designs I was doodling around with. I hope you enjoy them. Do not be deceived these are very LARGE lol.. They look tiny on the preview..

Let's see well my husbands business is doing fantastic in spite of the economy. We still have a long long ways to go to regroup from our financial disaster of the past 4 years but God is good and I know that HE is a Fortress and Strong tower for those who love Him and serve Him.. We have a small commercial lighting business but the great thing is that we work with the local energy company and right now they offer incentive programs to small business in the area who convert their old lighting to energy efficient lighting. WE make money for helping companies go green. Right now I need to set up a website. I am being pokey. First taxes and IRS forms need to all be filed this week for quarterly so that is my priority. I am working on a new Christmas kit I can not wait to show you. It is adorable.. T0day I am overcoming my foot infection so I am still resting and going to just watch God T.V. today. It is a station that broadcasts around the world. WONDERFUL beautiful people who founded this station..

Have a super day. Please leave some love.

INSPIRE... Complete Joy today!!



Saturday, October 18, 2008

NEW CU freebie. MORE tempting templates

Finally i am back. Sorry to be MIA for so long and not be here designing something new. I found this great blog. She has made these beautiful masks over at http://butterflyflutterbycreations.blogspot.com/. You should go visit her. I used them to make these fab templates. HOW fun. Today was the best day ever. Some of you know my husband was away for the past 3 years and is back now and today we just sat in the yard enjoying the fall day with the kids. We raked and had a small camp fire. Cooked steaks and chicken on the grill and just enjoyed ourselves. BEST DAY ever hehe.. God can bring so much joy in such a small space in time. Thank you GOD. Hope you enjoy these and go visit butterfly you will love her freebies and tell her Kristin at Heartprints sent you...

Inspire JOY today!!



Friday, October 10, 2008

FRIDAY FREEBIE. CU and a thank you

First just a thank you to everyone and I mean every single person who has stopped by and downloaded in the past 3 months. I can not believe that I have only been doing this three months it seems as if forever. You ladies are the best. ALL THE wonderful comments I receive they really make me smile. A great BIG{{{ HUG}}} for all of you. Questions for all of you brainys out there. Just in the past two days when I am typing something out on my computer and lets say I I back space to change the spelling of a word it starts to delete my words in front of that words when I rewrite it? ANY ideas. Shoot me an email please if you have a clue at heartprintsbydesign@yahoo.com. Thank you .. xoxo Enjoy the Freebie



Friday, October 3, 2008

NEW CU FREEBIE scalloped Funplates

New templates for you to use. These are fun and they are part of the collection that I will be selling over at http://www.prettyscrappy.com/ . If I can ever figure out the new shopping cart and get my butt busy on loading up everything to the new store I will be a happy girl. I am so discouraged I was so excited to be in a store but now it is taking forever to learn the whole shopping cart/ftp blah blah thing lol... Pray for me please :)). Any ways these are part of a new collection funplates. They are fun and versatile you can place them into pretty much any layout for a little kick of Wimsey.. ENJOY your weekend. Thanks for stopping, please leave some love

Hugs, Kristin

INSPIRE endurance in someone today! Maybe yourself hehe

Monday, September 29, 2008

NEW CU Freebie Do you like Purple

Hi Everyone. Well today I had to go down to the IRS all by myself yikes lol to ask for help on what paperwork I should file when on the business. Well I drove 20 miles just to hear ooo I don't know what you are talking about. I was so frustrated because the guy was super cranky and I was the only person there UGH! He was very mean and scowly and all I wanted was to find out when to pay my taxes JERK! lol Ok forgive me that was not nice. My mom said I should complain since I pay the guys wages he should of at least tried to help me. She is right but I am a wimp lol.. Ooo well hope you enjoy these little purple and ivy elements. I had fun making them..

Leave some love



INSPIRE Kindness even when people are RUDE:)))

Friday, September 26, 2008

NEW CU Delicate Doodle Frames

Hi ladies and gent hehe Had to not discriminate:) Hope you had a wonderful week. I just can not believe what God is doing in our business. It is growing. Granted the last four years have been a nightmare but the way that things are now WOW what a break for me to actually just breathe for 5 minutes. I am so grateful. One thing though that is so important to my husband is his integrity in the business. HE makes every customer feel like they are number one and makes them feel as though they are the most important customer. We had our first contract in the middle of august and he already has hired 4 subcontractors to work for him. Amazing. My Selah is applying to be in the video club. She is so cute she loves cameras like her mama hehe and wants so bad to be in this club but they want the kids to submit an essay then their grades and behavior are checked before they can be accepted. Last year she was nominated into the academic awards programs for top achievers in America. I am so proud of her. She is only 9 but a pretty amazing kid. She doesn't care much for having a ton of friends, she has never been super"girly" she just like to read, She loves school and she loves learning so I suppose I shouldn't worry that she is not that OUTGOING lol... My son on the other hand loves to get rough and tough with the guys, has friends of all ages and he is 6 and for some reason older girls love taking care of him and they tell him all the time he is their boyfriend so his head is swelled lol.. Ok well enough rambling. Here are some frames. Hope you enjoy them for any use you can think of. Please leave some love I like to see what others like and what elements people actually use in their scrap booking. Have a super weekend



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Sunday, September 21, 2008

NEW CU Freebie Vintage Flowers

Here is a new freebie. Hope you like it. I have a busy week again we are trying to get our finances cleaned up. What a mess lol.. Ooo well God has never let me down and I am sure He is not about to now. Yesterday our church held a HarvestFest and today they did an illustrated sermon and gave away a couple BIG gift certificates to visitors. We had like 30 people give their hearts to Jesus today. Talk about a humbling experience. It was pretty amazing..

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NEW CU Freebie today.

I love the crinkled paper look because it reminds me of Scrap booking on paper not digital so here are some templates I hope you like them. Please leave me some love if you drop by.. I get so much joy out of reading peoples comments. Sorry about the super large file today. REALLY nice large templates.. You can almost use them as a bakground for anything and when colored they look like construction paper. Ooo and apparently everyone liked my doodles so I am going to make some more of those soon. Please pray for Casey and her family from Pretty Scrappy. Her and her family were in the wake of IKE? ugh!! .. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own very small world that we tend to forget that there are millions that need our thoughts and prayers or maybe just a smile. Today my challenge to you is be inspired to do an act of kindness not because others do but because someone at sometime did something nice for you so PAY IT FORWARD..




Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ok I tried once to do this and lost it so forgot all the mumble jumble lol. Here are some FREEBIE doodle flowers for you today. hope you enjoy them. I will be very busy this week so I will not have as much computer time wahh lol..

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

911 IN Honor of America. A FREEBIE in honor

I normally do not do this but this freebie is just for personal use . No commercial use please just enjoy it and honor 9/11. Maybe you can use it to decorate a page in honor of someone who is serving this country or someone who gave their life because of 9/11. Every year I am deeply saddened by 9/11. When the day rolls around I never ever forget how I felt the morning I turned the tv on and watched a plane flying into the twin towers and then to hear it was a terrorist attack. Nothing in my entire life has ever made me feel the way I did that moment and I doubt nothing will ever come close or compare to that again. I remember watching the country come together. People became nicer for a moment in time. People didn't complain as much when they were in long lines. They did not beep as much on the freeway and they were using words like please and thank you again. People went back to church and starting their creator again. People started realizing that life is short and we do not have a spare in the trunk. Unfortunately things went back to the way they were before 9/11. People forgot how it felt that fateful day. They forgot how it impacted their life and the life of those they loved. We have gone back to being in a hurry, cynical and rude. I hope we all take a moment to reflect back this year and turn our eyes back to what is important in this life.. I REALLY hope and pray that we can do that as a country in fact that the world could do that. This was not just about America is about the is happening in this world. We just never seen it hit so close to home.

Please enjoy this and know my heart and prayers go out to the families of those directly impacted in some way by 911!



Inspire someone to find Gods peace today and life in it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NEW CU Freebie Paisley Stamps

I don't know why but I am loving paisley these days. They make any layout fun and elegant. Paisley is classic and can bring a touch of Wimsey to your layouts. Hope you enjoy these. I colored one of them to show you how fun that could be and how much they really pop. Also because of the nice amount of visitors I am getting I am going to be featuring other sites here once a week. If you are interested please email me at heartprintsbydesign@yahoo.com. Also if you would like to just leave your blog address I can post that here as well. I would love to start adding some other great sites visitors could go see for FUN FREEBIES especially commercial use ones. Just leave your blog address in the comment box and I will get right to it. Enjoy

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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Here are some old crumpled paper templates great for shabby layouts and also look nice recolored. Hope you enjoy. Leave some love.



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Note to AUNT Anne: Check out yesterdays posts lol

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Can you believe that these sweet lill faces can be so naughty sometimes lol

LOL, Hi Aunt Anne. I had to respond to your message so hope you see this. The prize for staying on all green was that my mom was going to take the kids to Disneyland! YES you heard right but they couldn't even stay on all green for that. THEY were bummed. YEA I told my mommy take me then hehe she was like Uhh No!


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Friday, September 5, 2008

Sorry for no NEW freebies. I have been Preoccupied. NEW CU FREEBIE

Brand new Fur element and frames freebie. I love this fur. I have no idea of the animal that was put down so I could use his fur for scrapable pleasure but thank you Mr. Animal.. (Please don't be mad, just a joke. I LOVE ANIMALS. I am all for keeping them safe) Any ways the first week of school was YEA YEA good and I started a new check mark system with the kids and it is actually working. I made a table in word and then on top are the days mon-sun. Then in the coloumns are different things like NO FIGHTING, Chores, Homework, brush teeth, say prayers etc. Everytime they complete a task they get a green check and when they fail to complete or something similar they get a RED check.. Those red checks eliminate the green checks and we count them up at the end of the day and I give them dry beans for their jars. I created a gift box. Every Friday they get to turn their beans in for either a gift bag (Which could be more beans, gifts or coal hehe) a prize or they can also turn their beans in for extra tv time or computer time. They love it. They both worked really hard this week to stay on task. There were moments lol. Anyways sorry to ramble. Maybe there is a mom out there pulling her hair out like me thinking of ways to help her kids get control. This really works, I promise. BTW I went to the $1 store and purchased a lot of things that had more than one thing in them and then separated them for prizes. Grabbags were 20 beans and prizes 10 :) I had a blast myself. On to the freebie. Please leave some love and more ideas for the kids if you think of any..


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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Whoow I made a Store template for my products plus NEW CU FREEBIE

New Pink Flower Element Freebie. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I sure am. Today I was a little tired but the kids go back in 3 days yay hehe. I know that sounds horrible right! Ok I love love love my babies but just a little pooped out plus I have had to put business on hold while they were out of their playground program this last month which means no money so now I can get back to work and also helping my husband with his business. Plus I like when school is in because then the kids read, write and learn without thinking I am forcing it on them. They would rather have their teacher tell them and then when they come home we can study together. I really enjoy that as a mom.

Last year my little girl who was in 3rd grade was nominated with a scholastic achievement award and her reading scores were in the top 99% of all children in Wisconsin. I am proud mommy:) Ok so on with the FREEBIE. I made a template for the new store I will be selling in. I am sure I will make some more but it is easier than making a new one for each product. How do you like it? Enjoy the freebie and leave some love



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Friday, August 29, 2008

TGIF CU Freebie Acrylic Templates

Hi everyone

I was finally accepted into a store so I am busy working on product but thought you might enjoy these pretty acrylic/glass templates for your layouts. Please feel free to use them for anything you would like just check out the TOU.. Thank you

Kids start school Tuesday yay.. Wednesday we needed to take them to class orientation so the kids had a blast and are looking forward to school thank goodness. I am taking my son to get tested to adhd and hopefully this doctor can find some solutions for us that do NOT involve meds. I do not believe in putting kids on meds unless absolutely necessary. Please say a prayer for my Joshie. Keep in mind he is only six but the other day he woke me at 5:30 am to inform me that he was placing bids on EBAY. Thank God he only placed a max bid of 4.50. I can not figure out how in the world he figured out how to log into my new computer and find ebay and PLACE a bid grr. He is very smart I suppose lol..

Ok well have a great weekend and HAPPY LABOR DAY. Can you believe fall is back wahhhh. Last winter was Wisconsin's third worst winter in the history of Wisconsin argh..

Please leave some love


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Monday, August 25, 2008

GOOD Monday morning FREEBIE Commercial Sample2

Good Morning Friends,

I am so so so sorry about the last commercial sample. I did not create it transparent so it is a surprise if anyone can even use it. I apologize. It was my first time on the new computer and I forgot to go into settings and change them to transparent. Hopefully you can enjoy this new sample. You guys are the best. I have a busy day so I have to run


Inspire patience today:)


Friday, August 22, 2008

I am BACK yay. A new Commercial Use Sampler.. FREEBIE

Hi everyone

I am back from my computer delay hehe. Ok so I ordered this Dell and it was suppose to be here Sept. 2nd and it arrived on the 20th eee. Great well I could not wait for hubby to come home and set it up so I did and it was really easy except that the monitor had all these cords. That was a bit confusing lol. So then I meet VISTA eesh. Very nice but huge RAM hog. Love the decoration is bring though. First thing was my Epson Printer. NOT compatible so I worked on that for a long time installing drivers and such. Well then I needed to install my pspx2 and it loaded whoow great but once i started to install all my brushes and presets blah blah the thing became painfully slow and could barely perform anything on it. ACK! So I decided I was going to uninstall that and try my oldie but goodie psp8. OPENED it and installed everything. The thing ran like GOLD just wonderful until I tried making a 12X12 piece of scrapbooking paper. IT hated that and puked out the words NOT enough Memory to perform this. Ok so I have 3 gig of ram what the heck. Well it came down to reinstalling pspx2 to do my papers on and psp8 I will do everything else on haha. Ohh well if it works right.

I am pooped out from playing with this for 2 days.

Hope you enjoy the goodies. Please leave some love

Inspire patience in someone today!



The Lord is not slow about his promise, as some people understand slowness, but is being patient with you. He does not want anyone to perish, but wants everyone to repent. IIPeter 3:9

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good Morning. Sunday August 18th wow

Joshie Spish Splashing away on a Saturday
A happy Saturday in the baby blow up pool

Can you believe that it is nearing the end of August already. Ok so only about 2 more weeks before my computer arrives I think I am going bonkers hehe. I miss my graphics program so when I get my computer and figure out Vista I will be back with lots of great goodies. What are your plans for this Sunday. We are going to church and then coming home to relax before a busy week.

Ok so school is starting and I have two small ones. Here are some great healthy ideas for kids.

Bag-lunch ideas that require no refrigeration:

Mozzarella string-cheese sticks

Orange wedges

Whole-wheat carrot muffins
Bagel spread with cream cheese (you may want to try minibagels for small children)

Sugar snap peas

Box of raisins
Tortilla rolled up with a slice of mild cheese

Fresh green beans

Small tangerines (Clementines are so easy to peel that the kids can do it themselves)
Banana bread spread with peanut butter and a little honey

Cucumber coins

Melon cubes
Cream cheese and apple butter on whole-grain bread

Veggie mix (baby carrots, snap peas)

Dried apricots
Half of a pita stuffed with shredded carrot and mild cheese (or peanut butter)

Individual cup of applesauce
How about using the following chart to mix and match from?

Select one from each group.
Pita (either small individual size or half of a regular-size)
Quick bread (banana, pumpkin, apple, etc.)
Whole-wheat bun
Raisin bread
Peanut butter, plain or with (pick one) honey, banana, jelly, shredded carrot, raisin
Cream cheese, plain or with (pick one) jelly, apple butter, shredded veggies
Mild cheese
Baby carrots or carrot sticks
Fresh green beans
Sugar snap peas
Cucumber coins
Crisp, tender broccoli florets sprinkled with non-salt seasoning
Zucchini sticks
Half a banana
Small apple
Orange wedge
Raisins or other dried fruits
Drained pineapple chunks (or fresh)
Individual applesauce container
Melon cubes

I hope that you can find inspiration in these ideas, and that the kids are excited to find new treats in their lunchbags.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for writing.
Sincerely,Sue Gilbert LINK
Another great BAG Lunch link is Moms Cook

Inspire someone to eat healthy today!



Monday, August 11, 2008

WOW ok New CU Freebie and long story lol


HI everyone,

Sorry I have not been around. I did a whole system restore and then put PSPX2 on my computer oh my gosh what a mess. I can not open anything and quickly realized that I need more RAM lol. I have been researching computers but the ones with a lot of RAM are very expensive but I did find a REALLY great deal on a beautiful DELL with plenty of RAM and PSPX2 already installed lol. I wanted to leave you with one more freebie before I uninstall my psp and wait for my new computer. I promise lots when I return.

This new Dell with probably take a few weeks to arrive and I could not even get writing on my preview pic of these Heart Mats lol. Forgive me. Enjoy the freebie. Please do not forget about me and leave some love..

Think about me when you are designing or making your scrapbooks. Too bad I didn't have a sad pouty face for you lol.

Today I took the kids to the beach for pics. Here are a few pics of my beautiful babies..


Inspire someone to STAY patient today hehe


Friday, August 8, 2008

TGIF:) YAY.. Some NEW CU Freebies

I have been gowing through a growing process of learning what I can and can not do in this digi scrapbook world if I want to sell my product. Somewhat embarrasing that I do not know but I am always willing to learn.. So this week is coming to a close. I am starting to feel better, my cold is starting to subside. Yesterday I had to go into the dentist for 2 fillings. I have not been to the dentist in about 18 years and though if I brushed really good I would be fine lol. I was a little paniced in the chair and today my tooth hurts a little bit but I am thinking that is normal from the drilling. The one side hurts the other side does not..
My daughter is going to her grans this weekend and she gets to bring her best friend Sam so she is very very excited. My baby boy on the other hand gets to stay with me eee... Don't know what we will do but the weather is suppose to be fantastic YAY.. Nothing better than 78 and sunny!! At least that is my favorite kind of weather. Enjoy the dot elements and leave some love please...


Inspire someone to PLAY today!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Good Morning,

Today I am getting over a cold so I am playing. I thought I would make something bright and cheery to help me feel better. You can use these to brighten up any summery layout. There are 5 starfish and 5 seashells to match the starfish. Hope you enjoy them. Please leave some love.

Inspire joy in someones life today!



Sunday, August 3, 2008

CU Freebie in honor of my precious little girl Selah

Download Here

Today was a wonderful day. We went to church as a family then my husband got fish and chips for lunch mmm. Then we worked on our business Fl yer, then we proceeded to argue about it and having to get a mediator on the phone LOL to help us calm down. We then kissed and made up and now he is off somewhere getting his brakes done eee. Sorry this for taking so long to post another freebie. This one is in honor of my baby girl Selah because she LOVES LOVES purple.

Hope you enjoy

Please leave some love

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(Reminds me of Cindy Laupers song True Colors)



God's Colors
Who paints those lovely colors That we see up in the sky?Who caps those awesome mountains With sparkling snow up high?
Who puts a sheen of green Upon each tall and stately tree?Who makes the streams crystal blue Softly flowing magic for you and me to see?
Who makes the sun so warm and bright Then fills it with great power To make the earth spring forth with color With just a little shower?
Who gives each bird the song they sings they fly away so far Who puts those tiny twinkles In each brightly shining star?
Who in Heaven keeps watch upon All of us each day?And blesses us with all this glory As we travel on our way?
The answer is quite simple We all know that it's trites God our Heavenly Father Watching out for me and you!
~ Charlotte Anselmo ~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I love today. What a great day. God is good. Whenever I seem to be on the mountaintop if even for a moment I call it a good day. I never look ahead and never look back just look at today. What can you be greatful for today. I sure have a lot to be greatful for how about you? Hope you enjoy this freebie. Some little gold beauties.. ENJOY!! Leave some love. Your comments always make me smile..

Inspire someone to smile today!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

YAY New CU Freebie. Some really cute elements

How is your weekend going? Mine is going very nice. I got to spend time with my kids today and enjoy them. We went to see College Road trip and it was pretty good. The kids enjoyed it although I think they enjoy the popcorn more sometimes haha.

I created this pretty embellishment because I received a HUGE positive response off of my elegance collection which is also silver. Personally I love silver and am glad that you do too.

Please leave some love and come back soon., Send your friends for freebies too:))

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bright Colorful FREEBIES. Some pretty templates CU!!!

Here is something that looks so pretty to me. The templates and flowers are separate. I just love limes and pinks and pale purples. Hope you enjoy these. I had a wonderful day and hope you did too. I own a small business and today I was cleaning for a client and her kitty who is deathly afraid of other humans came out to see me and on Monday this exact thing happened at another clients. The terrified kitty came out to see me and even came to let me pet her. It made me giggle because these poor cats are so afraid of human life lol... They are not used to visitors apparently but they came to see me. I am the kitty whisperer hehehehe..



Exodus 15:11 says, "Who among the gods is like you, O LORD? Who is like you - majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?" No one can accomplish what God can. He is above and beyond our comprehension.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NEW Cu Freebies Pale Pink Borders

It's Tuesday and let's see business was starting to come along and wham the boom on our truck went and that is going to be ALOT! lol then my car with 1000 in repairs and then my husbands car?? What the heck. I need to just keep thanking God for all He has provided for us and what he is doing in our lives. It is just so overwhelmeing sometimes so I am so grateful I can come here and create. Leave some love


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Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Morning Lord

Relax your mind and humble your heart to focus on Christ. Allow God to be the only person on your mind while you read this prayer. If we can take the time to read long jokes, stories, etc., we should give the same respect to this prayer. Friends, who pray together, stay together.

Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness.

Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You.

Please broaden my mind that I can accept all things.

Let me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over. Let me continue to see sin through God's eye s and acknowledge it as evil. And when I sin, let me repent, and confess with my mouth my wrongdoing, and receive the forgiveness of God.

And when this world closes in on me, let me remember Jesus' example -- to slip away and find a quiet place to pray. It's the best response when I'm pushed beyond my limits. I know that when I can't pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your will.

Continue to bless me that I may be a blessing to others. Keep me strong that I may help the weak. Keep me uplifted that I may have words of encouragement for others. I pray for those who are lost and can't find their way. I pray for those who are misjudged and misunderstood. I pray for those who don't know You intimately. I pray for those who don't believe. But I thank you that I believe.

I believe that God changes people and God changes things. I pray for all my sisters and brothers. For each and every family member in their households. I pray for peace, love, and joy in their homes, that they are out of debt and all their needs are met.

I pray that every eye that reads this knows there is no problem, circumstance, or situation greater than God. Every battle is in Your hands for You to fight I pray that these words be received into the hearts of every eye that sees them and every mouth that confesses them willingly..

This is my prayer.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

One more FREEBIE for tonight

Download Here
I know this looks more like those rock n roll crosses hehe but actually they are tiny and you can add them to a corner of a frame or add to some word art. Hope you enjoy.

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Faith Tags CU FREEBIE! Hi everyone

Ok so long story short. About 5 years ago my life, my family and everything else was turned completely upside down. It was something I could never in a million years imagine happening to me or my family. After this happened I was put in a very uncomfortable position for me to ask for help from my friends and family. People did not like this nor respond well to this and even though this was the hardest thing that had ever happened to me most people who I loved and cared about most of my life walked away from me and my 2 small children. I was alone just me and God and a few faithful stragglers (My precious mother, my good friend and many strangers). Alone for a very long journey but the one thing I learned and that pierced my heart for eternity was that if I see a need now and I can meet it I will. If I see a mom struggling with her kids I open the door for her, if I see someone stuck in a storm I ask if I can drive them home, if someone needs food I dig out what I can for them to help, if someone is down I smile at them. This has nothing to do with me but with what God has done in my life. As painful as this has been I have learned lessons that would of never been as meaningful or life changing if this would not have happened. My long journey is not even close to over but I can now see a light at the end of this long long tunnel.

The name heartprints is very special to me because to me I want to leave an imprint on people's hearts & lives and I encourage others to do the same. I do not just want to be a bystander and watch life go by I want to be a participant. Any ways I sorry to ramble but I needed to talk to someone hehe. My life was deeply touched and forever changed by a few angels along the way. The more people that walked away made those few angels shine brighter in my life.

You are important to me too and even though we may never meet your life is important to me and maybe a tiny bit of my life can touch yours somehow. Enjoy the Faith Tags because I enjoyed making them.. xoxox

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Friday, July 18, 2008

THANK God it is Friday! CU FREEBIE:) you like Jeans

I have created some jean bellies:0).. I figured all week we worked hard it is time to kick back in our favorite pair of jeans and relax. This weekend my baby girl got to go on her first GirlScout camping trip yay. I am so excited for her. She has been a Girlscout for 3 years but you have to be a Junior scout to go camping and until now she was a brownie. She was hysterical with joy getting packed unfortunately today at 1:00 I checked her permission slip and was going to get her packed for tomorrow when I noticed that the slip said they were going today. I screamed out loud Ahhhhhhhhh! Then I had to go get her from rec and then when I told her we had 45 minutes to pack she freaked too lol. It was fun. Well I am exhausted today was filled with lots of hard work.. Hope you enjoy these embellishments. I sure love my JEANS!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2nd Tuesday CU FREEBIE Enjoy

Here is my second freebie today. Hope you like what I am doing. Please leave feedback even constructive criticism is good for me he he..



TUESDAYS CU Freebie. Pretty Frames

Hope you enjoy this. Today was a good day because my husband got his first job assignment with our new business. This is so huge for us because this has been a dream of ours for over 125 years. The other day I heard this guy on tv say never give up 5 minutes before your miracle and trust me there were times ack!! LOL. Enjoy the freebie and please leave some love..

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I did not want to wait until tomorrow :) NEW CU FREEBIE

HI ladies and gents. Here is a nice little plaid tag that I was going to post tommorrow but decided I would do it today.. Hope you enjoy it. Please send some love


NEW CU FREEBIE.. YAY. Ok so it is not Monday yet lol

I am a silver freak and finally learned how to convert things to png in psp lol. It is a big deal because I had this one wonderful girl helping me for hours try to figure this out. Now we finally got it plus some beautiful silver bellie butterflies. Ok in my world bellie is a cute term I use for embellishment. So enjoy the bellies and leave some love. Also if you want to stop by my wonderful sweet friend Cindy (my scrapbook mommy who is helping me learn and grow at this) at her BLOG, she also have a super cool CU Freebie.. STOP BY tomorrow for something PLAID and it is very pretty.. Thanks for coming


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For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you Matt 6:14

Saturday, July 12, 2008

For those of you that LOVE or NEED Tutorials

I found some wonderful links for those of you who love tutorials. Check this out and let me know what you think. Have Fun!
Ellies Treasures
Bit Box
Craft Cottege
Scrap Stuff (Scroll down and look to the right and you will see tons of tuts yay:)
DYI (Do It Yourself Network)

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD , "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope hope and a future. Jeremiah 29

Friday, July 11, 2008

GUESS who awarded me today

Tishia on her blog. GO check it out. She has some very beautiful things:))

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Just wanted to share pics of my babies

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. I will be back Monday with more FREEBIES. STAY ALERT and keep inspiring.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ok well the WEEK is coming to a CLOSE Freebie LOL

HI there
I want to thank everyone who has dropped by my new blog this week. WOW I just can not believe all the love and support to do what I love. Just one thing is that I apologize for being so scrambled in my FREEBIES. I mean they are a mess all over the place. I promise to start bringing more order to my blogs and maybe next week learn something new to share.. Please come back ofter I so enjoy reading peoples comments. It really blesses me. Here is a pretty in pink freebie. ENJOY and remember

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Good Thursday Morning A NEW CU FREEBIE

I love to offer these CU Freebies. I am having a blast learning all about the wonderful world of Digi scrapping. Ok so my son woke me up very early after he had gone to bed super late so I think I am a bit crabby and this will help soothe me lol.. These are some doodle flowers but I was not able to get that png thing it would flatten on me when I saved so if anyone would like to pass on some advice THANK YOU I would appreciate it:) Have a super day

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it