Sunday, October 26, 2008

GOOD Sunday Morning. New CU Designer Use Freebie

Good Sunday Morning. This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! ... Hope everyone is having a wonderful Day. I am going to start to clean up my computer for the new year. Here are some sill little designs I was doodling around with. I hope you enjoy them. Do not be deceived these are very LARGE lol.. They look tiny on the preview..

Let's see well my husbands business is doing fantastic in spite of the economy. We still have a long long ways to go to regroup from our financial disaster of the past 4 years but God is good and I know that HE is a Fortress and Strong tower for those who love Him and serve Him.. We have a small commercial lighting business but the great thing is that we work with the local energy company and right now they offer incentive programs to small business in the area who convert their old lighting to energy efficient lighting. WE make money for helping companies go green. Right now I need to set up a website. I am being pokey. First taxes and IRS forms need to all be filed this week for quarterly so that is my priority. I am working on a new Christmas kit I can not wait to show you. It is adorable.. T0day I am overcoming my foot infection so I am still resting and going to just watch God T.V. today. It is a station that broadcasts around the world. WONDERFUL beautiful people who founded this station..

Have a super day. Please leave some love.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

NEW CU freebie. MORE tempting templates

Finally i am back. Sorry to be MIA for so long and not be here designing something new. I found this great blog. She has made these beautiful masks over at You should go visit her. I used them to make these fab templates. HOW fun. Today was the best day ever. Some of you know my husband was away for the past 3 years and is back now and today we just sat in the yard enjoying the fall day with the kids. We raked and had a small camp fire. Cooked steaks and chicken on the grill and just enjoyed ourselves. BEST DAY ever hehe.. God can bring so much joy in such a small space in time. Thank you GOD. Hope you enjoy these and go visit butterfly you will love her freebies and tell her Kristin at Heartprints sent you...

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Friday, October 10, 2008

FRIDAY FREEBIE. CU and a thank you

First just a thank you to everyone and I mean every single person who has stopped by and downloaded in the past 3 months. I can not believe that I have only been doing this three months it seems as if forever. You ladies are the best. ALL THE wonderful comments I receive they really make me smile. A great BIG{{{ HUG}}} for all of you. Questions for all of you brainys out there. Just in the past two days when I am typing something out on my computer and lets say I I back space to change the spelling of a word it starts to delete my words in front of that words when I rewrite it? ANY ideas. Shoot me an email please if you have a clue at Thank you .. xoxo Enjoy the Freebie



Friday, October 3, 2008

NEW CU FREEBIE scalloped Funplates

New templates for you to use. These are fun and they are part of the collection that I will be selling over at . If I can ever figure out the new shopping cart and get my butt busy on loading up everything to the new store I will be a happy girl. I am so discouraged I was so excited to be in a store but now it is taking forever to learn the whole shopping cart/ftp blah blah thing lol... Pray for me please :)). Any ways these are part of a new collection funplates. They are fun and versatile you can place them into pretty much any layout for a little kick of Wimsey.. ENJOY your weekend. Thanks for stopping, please leave some love

Hugs, Kristin

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