Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do you need any of my DESIGNS in PNG format

A super friend pointed out that I need to add this png format so that ps people can work with my work. I am sorry I have not done that yet. If you would like any of my creations in png please write me and let me know and I will try to get that to you as soon as I can
Thank you

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Sassy Pumpkins said...

I've just recently started using photoshop after years of psp & would love to have designs in png. It's really very easy to do though. PNG allows only 1 layer, that's important to remember otherwise it won't work and it's only required when something has a transparent bit, so tubes, quickpages, etc. Make sense? So, once you've got your things on a single layer and you're ready to save it, click on file, export as, and you'll see a list, choose png, and it will throw up the save window so you can name it whatever you want, click ok and you're can then go on to save your file as a psp file or work on it some more while your png is already saved. It's super easy to do now you don't need to do this for papers, those can stay jpegs as it's the same that's used in psp and ps.

Hope you don't mind the instructions, I thought as you mentioned you'd never done that before that it might be helpful to you.

Thanks so much for all your lovely shares! Take care and I hope you are having a great week!

Two of a Kind Photography said...

Pretty. TFS!