Saturday, October 18, 2008

NEW CU freebie. MORE tempting templates

Finally i am back. Sorry to be MIA for so long and not be here designing something new. I found this great blog. She has made these beautiful masks over at You should go visit her. I used them to make these fab templates. HOW fun. Today was the best day ever. Some of you know my husband was away for the past 3 years and is back now and today we just sat in the yard enjoying the fall day with the kids. We raked and had a small camp fire. Cooked steaks and chicken on the grill and just enjoyed ourselves. BEST DAY ever hehe.. God can bring so much joy in such a small space in time. Thank you GOD. Hope you enjoy these and go visit butterfly you will love her freebies and tell her Kristin at Heartprints sent you...

Inspire JOY today!!